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Thunder T Services have many years experience of installing, terminating and testing fibre cabling solutions for our clients. Whether you need a fibre optic backbone for a data cabling system, fibre to the desk, links between buildings across your campus, or between floors within a building, we have the expertise to undertake any project.
We install multimode OM1, OM2 and OM3, OM4 and single mode OS1 and OS2 fibre optic cables, terminate them to a wide range of fibre optic connectors and we can test the complete installation to ensure the performance of the fibre links.

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  • External Installation
  • Internal Installaion
  • Fibre Optic Repairs
  • Fibre Optic Splice and Termination

We offer Fibre Optic Installation Services covering the whole of the U.K.


Termination of fibre optic cables is completed by our in house fibre optic engineers, who are specialists in working with a wide range of connector types. These include, SC, LC, MT-RJ, as well as being fully trained to splice fibre optic cables and pigtails using the latest fibre optic splicers.

The installed fibre optic links can be tested by our fibre optic engineers using OTDR or Fluke DTX1800 testers. Full test results are supplied to the client following completion of the project.


Thunder T Services are an approved installer for the Emtelle fibreflowâ„¢ system of fibre blowing or cable blowing. Installation of multiple tube blown fibre duct rather than traditional cable allows for future expansion of a fibre backbone infrastructure without the disruption of cable installation.

Emtelle's fibreflowâ„¢ system allows for the strain free installation of fibre bundles or fibre cables into microduct using compressed air. The system can be used internally and externally for short or long haul applications.


Thunder T Services have many years experience of installing structured cabling systems for our clients. We understand that the copper and fibre optic network cabling infrastructure of your network is the foundation that ensures your business ICT system functions to the best of its ability.
It is important that the best components are used in the cabling infrastructure of your network; hence we use products from some of the leading manufacturers in this field, including Brand-Rex, HellermannTyton and Connectix.

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  • External Installation
  • Network Cabling Installaion
  • Wireless Network Equipment
  • Structured Cabling Testing

We offer Structured Cabling Services covering the whole of the U.K.


We install network infrastructure cabling to the latest standards and manufacturers recommendations, installing Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A, unshielded and shielded copper cabling, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 multimode and OS1 and OS2 singlemode fibre optic cabling solutions. Cabling systems are installed into racks from reputable suppliers like Prism, Cannon, Scroff and Rittal.


We encourage the use of cable matting in tray work and the use of cable socks within the cabinets for the protection of cables. Our installation teams are fully trained to ensure that the quality of the installation exceeds our client’s expectations. Once the installation is completed we comprehensively test all the installed links and can provide a manufacturer’s warranty, of up to 25 years, if required.


Thunder T Services offers a full range of Electrical Services. We provide Electrical Installation, Maintenance, Electrical Testing and Electrical Repairs for commercial, industrial, retail premises, Schools and onsite.
Our fully qualified electricians also provide electrical services for planned electrical works and emergency callouts.

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  • Electrical Installation
  • Electrical Testing
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Electrical Lighting

We offer free Surveys and Quotes on all Electrical Works


Our project experience is extensive so whatever your requirement, you can be assured we will offer a complete Electrical solution. Our engineers will visit your site and discuss the most cost effective options for you, ensuring your Electrical wiring meets the current regulations.


Our electricians are fully qualified and able to install cable management systems to suit your exact requirement from ladder tray to compartmental dado that will blend into your environment. Plus we offer a full Electrical Test, Electrical Repair and maintenance service on your existing electrical systems.


Full advice is available on the latest energy saving internal and external lighting systems to help reduce running costs and meet your carbon reduction targets. Our work is fully guaranteed and NICEIC inspected for your assurance of a quality electrical installation.


Thunder T Services offer CCTV installation, design and maintenance for organisations of all sizes. Our security solutions include analogue and IP camera systems, remote CCTV straight to your mobile, leasing options and a free survey to discuss the most effective and economic way to secure your building.

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  • Wireless CCTV
  • Remote Access
  • Analogue Systems

We offer free Surveys and Quotes on all CCTV Installation Services


CCTV Camera systems and CCTV surveillance technology is constantly evolving and with a wide range of CCTV Camera system products available understanding your CCTV System options can be confusing. Whether you’re new to CCTV or planning to upgrade an existing CCTV camera system, it is essential that you get expert advice along with the highest quality installation.


Specialising in offering organisations affordable solutions tailored to their exact security requirements, our experienced engineers will survey and discuss the range of options to ensure the system achieves the exact requirement for protection and cost.

Our systems range from budget to leading manufacturers so we can accommodate all budgets whilst still achieving desired protection. Plus we can also carry out any Network Cabling Installation and Electrical Services that may be required providing you with a one stop CCTV solution.


Thunder T Services have a wide range of skills to bring you the IT systems that your business demands. To deliver the best possible solution that your budget will permit we first need to understand your current issues, as well as the future requirements for your IT systems. A qualified surveyor will work with you to specify the system you need to effectively run your systems today, ensuring that we allow for the future expansion of your business and ICT system requirements.

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  • Facilities Management
  • CAD Drawings
  • Maintenance Services
  • Management of health & safety systems

Our projects team have the highest level of Security Clearance


We will design your IT network, including CAD drawings, copper and fibre network cabling infrastructure, network hardware and data storage, computer rooms and racks.

Once the design has been approved we can then complete the installation of the project and support you by maintaining the systems in the future, providing you with a complete service.


If you are looking for an outsourced solution to any Electrical, Data or Maintenance project, then look no further than Thunder T Services. We can provide many testimonials and references from our completed projects and satisfied clients on request.


At Thunder T Services we understand the importance of minimising downtime at all costs.
That is why we provide complete network support to all our customers and offer 24 hour, 7 days per week guaranteed emergency on site response throughout the UK for all network cabling problems.
With extensive experience across the telecommunications industry Thunder T Services have the skills and resources to maintain consistently high levels of customer service and continued support from the outset of any project.

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  • 24/7 Support
  • Extensive Experience
  • Highest levels of Customer Service

We offer Services and maintenance throughout the U.K.